Frequently Asked Questions

The Bidsell platform allows our partners to place items for sale in the auction format.

You do not pay any amount for being on our platform, nor for placing auctions. You pay a 15% commission on each sale actually completed + the financial expenses of the payment gateways, which are 3% (ATM, MBWAY and PAYPAL), which are the costs of our partners and not ours.

Your auction will be accessible in all countries where we are working. Monthly we expand our partnerships in other countries and open our representative offices, to allow a greater reach of our sales.

In your management area you can define shipping costs by country. Or you can define a cost for Portugal, Madeira and the Azores, Europe and Rest of the World.

After selling an item in your management area you can request a refund of the amount you have to receive. This amount is credited to your account within a maximum of 24 hours, on working days if the order is placed before 3 pm or in 48 hours if after 3 pm.

Yes of course. In your auction, whoever defines how it will take place is always our partner.

Yes, you can have the auctions you want active. There is no cost for that.

Yes of course. You can place and auction whatever you want.

Yes of course. You can set the price at which the auction ends and the buyer purchases the item immediately.

Yes of course. There are auctions that may not reach the reserve value of the item and in this case, when it reaches the end, the system will not let the item be sold.

There are several help channels on our platform. When you register as a partner / auctioneer, you receive an automatic e-mail with all information, including the various support channels available.